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Managing Boards

Board dynamics can make or break a business. Simply having the right talent doesn’t guarantee valuable engagement for the business. Effective boards don’t just happen.

Managing People

More than getting the remuneration right, its dealing with personalities, getting best performance, motivation beyond salary, retaining trust, building skills and developing teams.

Product Development

Product development and lifecycles have been faster and shorter. That creates stresses in engineering and support as well as sales. Defining a new product process is essential.

Market Entry

More than a product launch or initial positioning, market entry requires packaging decisions, and managing a number of messages and channels of communication – both internally and externally – leading up to product availability.

International Growth

Cultural, regulatory and market conditions can make international expansion fraught. There are many different structures for managing international expansion and all should be explored before decisions are made.


Often parodied and abused, the idea of a culture of innovation is compelling yet the reality is seldom so. How does a company continually analyse its strategic options from a product, service and business perspective?

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